Advantages of ACE Powder Coating Equipment

Powder coating is an advanced coating technique that is gaining universal acceptance. This dry finishing technique is gaining popularity due to several advantages that it offer. Today, this technique represents over 10% of all industrial coating applications in the North America. Various types of powder coating systems are used for applying the coating over metal products. ACE Powder Coating Ovens provided by Armature Coil are one such equipment used for the purpose. There are several advantages which make these systems ideal choice for a variety of industrial coating applications. This post highlights various advantages that these powder coating ovens offer.

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What Advantages do Powder Coating Ovens Offer?

The ACE coating systems are equipped with certain features, which allow users to gain various advantages such as the ones given below.

  • Uniform and Durable Coating: The oven features a distribution system, which provides uniform coating on metal substrates. This system ensures even coating throughout the surface. These coating systems provide one of the lasting and durable quality finishes on every metal. The oven allows users to set temperature as per the requirement. This helps ensure consistency of the curing, and produce high quality finishes. Evenly coated metal substrates are more resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, and wearing than other coated finishes.
  • Quick Operation: The coating oven is equipped with high quality burners, which ensure fast curing process. In addition to that, digital controls allow users to control the heat during the curing process. This helps clients to save time, efforts, and concentrate on other tasks.
  • Best Value for Investment: The roof and walls of the oven are made from galvanized steel, which helps it withstand the daily abuse in industrial environment. The galvanized steel construction adds to its reliability and performance at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint: The powder coating equipment allows users to reduce their carbon footprint. Dry powder finishes used for coating contain no volatile solvents or components. This means no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are released into the atmosphere. Hence, there are no longer need for businesses to invest in additional pollution control equipment. Minimal or almost no waste is produced in the process.
  • Comply with Regulations: Complete elimination of VOCs and waste reduction helps clients to comply with regulations set by U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency.

 As with most other systems used for powder coating, the ACE ovens also allow users to work with any color of their choice. They can make their product stand out distinctively in their brand colors.


Applications Benefiting from Powder Coating Ovens

Following are some of the applications that benefit from powder coating than others.

  • Appliances: This is one of the industry that can benefit from our equipment. Some of the applications may include air conditioning cabinets, washers, dryers, dish washer racks, microwave parts, etc.
  • Everyday Products: There are variety of everyday products which can be evenly coated through the powder coating oven. Some of the examples include electrical components, farm equipment, snowmobiles, computer cabinets, tool boxes, etc.
  • Automotive: The industry uses ovens to powder coat on products such as bumpers, wheels, door handles, accent parts, etc.

 Armature Coil being a leading powder coating furnace supplier provides the powder curing ovens in various dimensions and specifications to meet client requirements. To know more call us today.


Scott Heran has been part of the business since he was young and attending industry association conventions with his parents Bob and Jean since he was eight years old.Scott has worked in a sales capacity at ACE for over 20 years. Scott graduated from John Carroll University. Married to Teresa, he is the proud father of two children and two grandchildren.