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How Burn Off Ovens Work

Burn-off ovens can be used to rid components of contaminants such as rust, paint, rubber, grease, powder coating, oil, and epoxy. Armature Coil Equipment (ACE) Burn off ovens are used to heat components in controlled environments. The oven is heated to an extremely high temperature, which vaporizes any volatile or harmful contaminants on, or in the components.

The Benefits of ACE Burn Off Ovens and their Operations

It is important for customers to understand exactly how the burnoff oven works.


A clear understanding of the oven’s operation can help customers realize the benefits it can provide in their facility. Here, we provide a brief description of the same.

ACE Burn-off Oven Features

ACE burn off ovens are designed with the following features:

  • Hybrid Heating System: The oven is designed with a Radiant Tube system, which is a combination of radiant tube, and convection heating.
  • One Touch Control System (OTC): This is an automatic control system, which monitors the oven’s non-combustible vapor during operations. The system also adjusts the cycle time based on the total load of combustible and non-combustible materials.
  • Digital Temperature Control: This is a programmable feature, which allows the operator to ensure that the oven can be heated in the shortest amount of time.
  • Primary and Secondary Water Systems: These systems are used to control the heat and fire in the oven, and keep them at a safe rate.
  • Afterburner: An auxiliary burner in the oven, it maintains the flames even after the water systems are turned on.

Working Mechanism of Burn off Ovens

The following points explain the function of the burn-off oven.

  • A portable cart system is used to place the items to be heat cleaned into the oven.
  • The operator programs the digital temperature control to heat the load at a particular temperature in the shortest amount of time.
  • The OTC system starts working the moment the heating process begins. The OTC system monitors the speed at which the ovens heats up its chamber.
  • If the oven chamber heats up extremely fast, this is an indication of excess combustible vapor. The OTC then turns on the water spray systems, which cools the load. The water systems stay on until the oven burn reduces to a low heat and fire rate.
  • The afterburner stays on, and continues to heat the oven even when the water spray systems operate and bring the temperature under control.
  • The OTC monitors the heating process, and keeps the heating operation on till all the combustible vapor on the oven load is eliminated.
  • If both the primary and secondary water spray systems cannot control the increase in temperature, then the main burn shuts down automatically to prevent any accidents from taking place.
  • When the heat cleaning process is complete, and the load is done, the OTC shuts off the oven automatically.
  • The components can be removed from the oven and then recycled.

What makes the ACE burn off oven unique is that it requires less power for operation, while providing high temperatures and heat rates. Due to the OTC, there is no requirement for an operator to oversee the heat cleaning process. Thus, the ACE burnoff oven provides complete benefits to any industrial user. For more information, click here.