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Automotive Parts Cleaning Ovens

“Simply Disassemble and The Engine Is Ready To Roll Into The Controlled Even Temperature... Using No Chemicals.”

automotive parts cleaningACE Oven Model 330-RKG:
36"W x 60"D x 24"H
has 30.0 Cu. Ft. of interior work space over the cart, which easily
holds six or eight V-8’s or V-6’s.

  • Engine blocks
  • heads
  • crankshafts
  • camshafts
  • rods
  • oil pans
  • timing covers
  • brake shoes
  • master brake cylinders
  • armatures
  • stators
  • water pumps
  • they all come clean everytime

Got a lot of pieces?
Make your life easier when you need to remove:

  • grease
  • oil
  • crud
  • gunk
  • rust
  • paint
  • gaskets
  • carbon
  • and water scale

are all heat cleaned off and the parts leave the oven completely dry and ready to go.

Model 330-RKG can hold 2,500 pounds of blocks ¤ cylinder heads ¤ oil pans ¤ crank shafts and timing covers. Usually we load up at the end of the day and come in the next morning ready to go to work. We take them right out of the oven and into the shot blaster - still hot. When necessary or rush jobs we process one load in the morning, another in the afternoon and load the oven for a third unattended evening run before we leave. Visit Burn OFF Ovens here.

Click here to download oven specifications pdf

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Automotive Parts Cleaning