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Powder Coating Ovens and Batch Ovens

ACE Equipment takes immense pride in providing our customers with superior quality and energy efficient powder coating oven that meets all your strenuous industrial coating applications. The product offers many benefits to the paint, powder, and coatings industry.

Our range of powder coating ovens is intelligently designed and precision engineered for curing powder on a wide range of metal substrates. Designed for providing 500° F maximum operating temperature, this durable electric batch oven is available for customers’ use in standard and custom designs.

powder coating oven

Product Features

ACE Equipment powder coating curing oven is the most energy-efficient range of ovens adding incredible value to your bottom-line. We integrate the best components (such as Honeywell, MAXON and Bradley) to craft a truly-world class oven. Some of the significant features that add to the popularity of ACE’s powder coating ovens are:

  • Uniform air distribution
  • Proven design with complete assembly
  • Consistent, high quality curing results due to better temperature uniformity
  • Startup and operating instructions
  • Low operating & maintenance costs
  • Proportional heat control
  • Dependable operation
  • Walls and roof comprised of galvanized steel
  • High quality burners
  • Ease of operation

ACE equipment powder coating industrial ovens are designed wisely to make the powder melt, polymerize, fuse and cure to bring an esthetic fine finish with required mechanical and chemical properties. ACE’s efficient powder coating oven design ensure durable performance with no or minimal maintenance.

Curing Ovens with Convenient Design, Technical Supremacy, and Structural Integrity at Best Deals

Get the most reliable and affordable powder coating batch ovens from the expert in the market –the ACE Equipment. We provide you best quality curing oven that has a solid reputation all over the globe. ACE ovens are being used successfully in finishing systems throughout North and Central America.

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