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    "I have owned a number of ovens over the years, including a few of your competitors. The ACE system is More Durable And Dependable...great performance...more energy efficient and much better temperature control"

    Mike Stewart, Former International President of EASA

    "You make a really good oven. It is very durable. We had a few ovens that we did No Maintenance On For 10 Years and they still run well. Very rugged and dependable."

    Brian Charnigo, Techneglas. Owns 12 ACE Ovens

    "Your oven system works great! We use it to burn oils off parts before we weld. We just purchased our second oven because we were so pleased with the first one. Very happy with the service level after the sale."

    Rick Walden, Prestolite

    "Really good equipment. We Have Both Coil Winding Equipment and Ovens and are really pleased with both. Your inside support is excellent."

    Dave Lathrop, Gary Electric

    "Uses 8-10 times per month to clean wood finishes from hooks. No problems. "We recommended the oven to several other La-Z-Boy plants"

    Roger Woodworth

    "We are very happy with the ACE system. We have used other brands and found the ACE Oven To Be Superior in performance and durability"

    Dan Breazedale, American Brake and Clutch Who Owns 4 ACE Ovens

    "Works like a charm. We even strip plastic from our steel parts. This is our second oven. The first one lasted over 20 years."

    Eddie King, Plastic Industries

    "The oven is working very well"

    Bruce Colbert, Ridge Tool Company (China)

    "Great Performance of Hybrid Radiant Tube Oven"

    Mr. Dan Parson (EASA Travelling Chief) of AC Electric, Bangor