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With superior grade design and world-class engineering expertise, ACE Equipment brings its customers with extremely user-friendly, safe-to-use and energy efficient drying ovens. ACE’s industrial drying ovens are the best and cost effective solution available in the market when you require fast and uniform drying. Since its introduction in the market till now, this industrial drying oven has effectively served the requirements and expectations of customers from varied industrial sectors. Thanks to its superior design, high quality engineering, even temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan.

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Why to Invest in ACE’s Industrial Drying Ovens?

There are many reasons that lead you to invest in this safe and durable industrial drying system. Proper uniformity of heat and air circulation is the key feature of these trusted ACE drying ovens systems. Some other features that add to the popularity and prominence of the system in the market are:

  • Exceptional temperature uniformity
  • Gentle yet quick drying and heating of heat sensitive materials
  • Corrosion resistant and easily cleanable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • Safe drying of flammable solvents
  • Available in wide temperature ranges
  • Easy handling and minimal operating cost

Typical Applications:

ACE Equipment industrial grade drying ovens have been largely purchased for applications such as:

  • To remove moisture content from water based coatings and adhesives.
  • To remove water content from the interiors and exteriors of various substrates.
  • To sterilize and dry various lab equipment and samples for experiments. ACE’s laboratory drying oven is widely used for demanding heating and drying applications in various laboratories.
  • To dry various materials and substances used in the pharmaceutical and food industry that is sensitive to intense airflow.
  • To dry adhesives, coatings or interior water content from conveyors. ACE’s conveyor drying ovens provide you fast and superior results.
  • To dry various components in the electronics industry.
  • Ageing of plastics in the plastic industry.

ACE Equipment commercial drying ovens are available for immediate shipping worldwide. Invest on our drying ovens at the earliest; they uncompromisingly meet all your complex and challenging drying and heating applications.

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