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About Us

About Armature Coil Equipment company

The Original Burn OFF Oven Invented by ACE in 1970

Family Owned and Operated Since 1919

ACE started with the efforts of the Sherrer family building basic winding machines and accessories for the Electric Motor Repair industry. The business thrived even through the depression and into the 1960's. Bob Heran, husband of George Sherrer's daughter Jean, took over ACE in 1963 and is still the President today. Jean and Bob continue to go to many of the conventions where ACE exhibits their equipment.

4th Generation Manufacturing Company

ACE is now representing its 4th generation as a family operation. Since 1919 ACE Equipment Company (known as Armature Coil Equipment) has been manufacturing quality industrial equipment. This longevity is due to the care and effort by the people at ACE who know that our future depends on satisfied customers. Service is our specialty and we currently have many customers who still operate equipment that is 30... 40 and even 50 years old.

Automatic Stop Coil Winding Machines and First Controlled Burn Off Oven

In 1969 Bob Heran recognizing the need for faster production in the Motor Repair industry... invented his first machine. The automatic stop coil winder became an industry standard. In 1970, Bob invented and patented the first controlled Burn OFF Oven to help customers strip motors safely and without pollution. The norm at the time being to throw stators on a fire out behind the shop. Since that time there have been many new innovations that have helped customers to improve efficiency, production and profitability.