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Rotary Ovens

With over 90 years of experience in the market, ACE Equipment has earned the reputation as one of the leading rotary oven manufacturers with proven engineering expertise. With the delivery of electrical rotary oven with impeccable performance and unmatched operational excellence, the presence of ACE is strongly imprinted in the international markets.

drying  oven without oxidation systems for metal recovery


Product Highlights

ACE's rotary drying oven comes with fastest drying options without oxidation systems for metal recovery. This energy efficient and low maintenance required industrial rotary oven has higher throughput and lower operating costs. Wisely engineered for easy-to-use and simple operation, ACE’s exclusive range of rotary drying oven provides the customers with continuous drying with minimal operator involvement. This reduces labor cost substantially.

ACE Equipment expert engineers have designed diesel rotary rack oven with a turntable to move the product in a circular motion within the heat chamber. The oven revolves the material or product inside an externally heated alloy stainless steel rotating retort. This continuous and uninterrupted circular rotation allows a thorough mixing and tumbling of the material automatically. The result is the clean and dry material at controlled temperatures by the speed of retort rotation.

Product Features:

Some of the notable features of our electrical rotary drying oven include:
  • Superior construction using stainless steel chamber wall
  • Clean and exquisite design
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Maximum production in minimum run
  • Speed control for the turbines
  • Programmable electronic control panel
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Reduced cycle times

Being established as the leading rotary oven manufacturers in the industry, we make sure that our products leave the plant with unmatched quality and unsurpassed reliability. In order to ensure quality, experts at ACE comprehensively check the product in each stage of its manufacturing.

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Download an ROI (Return on Investment) for the following metals: Operating Cost & ROI for Brass Chips - PDF pdf

Operating Cost & ROI for Aluminum Chips - PDF pdf
Operating Cost & ROI for Precious Metal Chips - PDF pdf


Information on the ACE Rotary Oven - PDF Specificationspdf

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