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Cookie Policy - Armature Coil Equipment

Our cookie policy includes the definition of a cookie and the way we use it. For more information about how we collect information using cookies, please go through this policy.

What are Cookies?

Whenever you access a particular website, cookies are downloaded on your browser or hard drive. These are small pieces of data saved to a file called cookies.txt. They are designed to store some amount of data related to the website, your browsing pattern, or the information you enter such as name and address. There are various types of cookies, which can come directly from our website, or a third party website.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies as an identification mechanism. This helps us and a user in ways more than one. Cookies help us understand the browsing pattern of the user to be able to offer relevant suggestions the next time they log in. It helps a user by saving their password so that it need not be entered again.

Although there are apprehensions among people about the usage of cookies, we assure that we maintain the confidentiality of your data. The usage of cookies on our site is not linked to any personally-identifiable information.

Through cookies, we help enhance your browsing experience. It not only helps us analyze users’ browsing behavior patterns but also troubleshoot and fix bugs if any. It helps us monitor and improve the performance of our website.

How Do We Use Cookies?

First, you can allow or deny the cookies to be downloaded on your desktop. If you allow the use of cookies, only then they can access and store your data. This is done through HTML code. Technically, we have to call the cookie function, which is a code written in a particular programming language.