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Parts Cleaning Service

Paint Hooks, racks, fixtures. Automotive Parts. Powder Coated Parts. Strip plastic, rubber, varnish, paint, powder coating, grease, gaskets, clutch liners, brake pads, from metal parts.

ACE Equipment Company provides Metal Parts Cleaning services that will strip coatings from metal without damaging the part. ACE manufactures Burn Off Ovens that are very precisely temperature controlled so that many types of parts can be cleaned. Aluminum, thin sheet steel, carbon steel, etc. Large volume ovens with capacity to clean your metal parts. Optional: Ash removal with high-pressure wash and rust inhibitor service. Welding repair, paint and powder coating available as well.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio. Please contact us using the following form:

Metal Parts Cleaning Quote Form
Paint Hooks ready for stripping in the ACE Burn Off Oven system

Powder Coating System racks, hooks, fixtures, load bars, etc.

Powder Coating Rack immediately after cleaning

Close up of Powder Coating Rack immediately after cleaning.

Paint Racks ready for cleaning

A load of Paint Racks ready for cleaning in the Burn Off Ovens system.