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Electric Motor Cleaning Applications

ACE has been manufacturing Burn OFF Ovens for the Motor Repair Industry since 1970 when they introduced the first controlled oven.

Burn Off Ovens at A C Electric, Maine

Mr. Dan Parsons of A C Electric in front of his two ACE Burn Off Ovens pdf


Since that time there has been many innovations that allow shops to strip motors efficiently and without core loss.

The latest technology the Radiant Tube oven offers quicker time cycles, more uniform heating and more controlled stripping. This hybrid system combines convection energy with radiant energy. No other system can provide the efficiency and control.

The ACE Energy Efficient Motor Stripping System EEMSS - PDF Specifications pdf provides motor shops with the ultimate in control. Controlling the core temperature assures the continuation of the electrical characteristics of your stator.

Electric Motor Burn Off

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Designed specifically to enable the electric motor repair shops to preform several processes with the same piece of equipment. Burn out armatures and stators in the same oven.

View our Burn Off Ovens ASBO Control Literature pdf


Varnish Dip Fixture Before and After Processing