4 Reasons to Choose Powder Coating over Paint

When color needs to be applied onto any component or product, there are two methods to get it done – either use paint, or powder coating. While the effect of both these methods may seem similar, powder coating is a much better alternative for creating different shades of colors. We find out find why in this post.


A Brief Explanation of the Powder Coating Process

The component to be powder coated is first sand blasted to remove oil and rust. It is also done to ensure complete previous powder coating cleaning. The component is kept in a dry environment to prevent oxidation. The powder is applied as a primer onto the component. An electrostatic gun is used to apply an electric charge onto the powder. The electrified powder is then applied onto the component surface. The electric charge help the powder to stick to the surface. The component is then placed into a powder coat burn off oven, where the powder is heated to turn into a gel. After this, the component is moved into the powder coating room, where the final finish coat is applied. The component is then baked in the oven once more cure the coating.

Why Choose Powder Coating over Paint

Powder coating provides a myriad of advantages, which you cannot get from paint application.

  • Advanced Mechanical Properties: Since the powder is baked and cured, the powder coating is extremely flexible, and bends with the component. The powder coat is twice as thick as industrial paint. These benefits help the component to withstand twisting and vibrations in an application.
  • Powder Coats are Safe to Use: Unlike paint, powder coats do not contain any harmful solvents, chemicals, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The powder is a solid substance, and is inert when not sprayed. However, it is always recommended to wear safety clothing and accessories when applying the powder onto a surface.
  • Economical: Nearly 60 to 70% of powder coats get transferred during application. This makes it very efficient compared to paint, which has a transfer efficiency rate of 30 to 35%. The powder coat spray can be reclaimed and reused for later projects. This cannot be done with paint, as almost 50% evaporates upon application. So, you are certainly getting your money’s worth with powder coatings.
  • Environmentally Safe: As powder coats do not contain VOCs or solvents, the possibility of damage to the environment is eliminated. Any waste created from powder coats can be deposited in landfills. On the other hand, paint contains the solvents and chemicals. Also, they require a specific procedure for disposal.


These various reasons are why it is recommended to use powder coat instead of paint for industrial components. Armature Coil Equipment (ACE) utilizes different ovens, and powder coating oven kits to prepare and coat components. For more information, click here.


Scott Heran has been part of the business since he was young and attending industry association conventions with his parents Bob and Jean since he was eight years old.Scott has worked in a sales capacity at ACE for over 20 years. Scott graduated from John Carroll University. Married to Teresa, he is the proud father of two children and two grandchildren.