Advantages of Powder Coating over Liquid Paint

In order to coat a surface, liquid or powder can be used. Both these processes have their pros and cons during the application process, in operation, and in several other areas of use. Conventional liquid paint consists of a paint pigment with a binding agent. It is then sprayed onto the application surface. Powder coating consists of paint pellets in powder form. Using a powder coating burn off oven, heat is evenly applied to the surface being powder coated. This helps the powder adhere to the surface while maintaining consistency.

Powder coating VS Liquid Paint

Advantages of Powder Coating over Liquid Paint

The powder coating process offers the following advantages:

  1. Powder coating does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOC) whereas liquid paints emit VOCs during the curing process. According to Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), powder coating does not produce any hazardous waste
  2. Liquid paint contains solvents while powder coating does not
  3. Overspray of powder coating can be reclaimed while the overspray of liquid paint is treated as hazardous waste and cannot be disposed in a landfill
  4. A single application of powder coating 2-4 mils (50-100 µm) and one coat of liquid paint is 1.2 mils (30 µm).
  5. Since the coating is extremely even and thick, a single layer of powder coat is sufficient. On the other hand, several layers of liquid paint are required to obtain an even and thick feel
  6. Since the coating and overspray process require little product, the powder coating process is extremely cost-efficient
  7. The solvent in liquid paint evaporates requiring several additional layers to be applied. This leads to higher costs
  8. The coverage of powder coating on the edges and intricate spaces is much better than liquid paint
  9. Liquid paint displays inferior mechanical properties compared to powder coating. Due to polymerization, the mechanical properties of powder coating are far superior
  10. Powder coating is safer for the person applying it as well. Since it does not contain VOCs, very little product is required, and it is inert, chances of inhaling it to some hazardous end are reduced to a great extent

Powder coating has proven to be a more efficient paint application process. If an organization is looking to paint their application, powder coating is the obvious choice. It can be used in the construction, automotive, agricultural, and architectural industries. For industrial, commercial, or day-to-day use, powder coating is the more resilient option.


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