7 Points to Consider When Purchasing a Burn-off Oven Part II

This series of posts will help you in making the right decision when purchasing a burn-off oven. In this series, we have elaborated on the points of consideration when looking at the features of a burn-off oven to ensure seamless integration with your current systems.

7-Point Burn-off Oven Purchase Checklist

Armed with an accurate checklist, you can make the right purchase decision when you decide to invest in a burn-off oven.

  1. Construction – Read more about the importance of the overall structure and construction of your burn-off oven.
  1. Insulation Systems – The insulation system has a direct influence on the energy consumption of the burn-off oven. If you are looking for a furnace that is low on energy consumption, you have to ensure that the insulation is capable of holding heat within the burn-off oven over a long period of time. Most manufacturers might use hard concrete as the insulation, believing that it makes the perfect barrier for heat to dissipate. With time, a hard surface can become brittle and crack. On the other hand, a softer insulation material that provides great insulation properties can be used. A softer insulation material is also easier to maintain and provides a long service life.
  1. Burn-off Furnace SizeIf you have an idea of the industry you are targeting with your burn-off part cleaning business, ensure that you get the exact dimensions of the largest part used in that industry. When looking at the dimensions of a burn out furnace, make sure that you are referring to the usable working space. This is not the measurement of the interior of the oven but of the space above the rollout cart. You can start by getting the dimensions of the cart. For the total height, you can add the space between the top of the cart and the process chamber. A little extra space in the oven is always a good idea in case you decide to clean some bigger parts or you miscalculate.

If you haven’t considered these factors yet, it is imperative that you do so at the earliest. Energy consumption and size of the burn out oven will determine the efficiency of the system. Other important aspects like the control factors will be elaborated on in the following blog posts. Visit this space next week to know more.


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