Features and Functions of Bench-Type Curing Ovens

The advantages and operational benefits of industrial ovens are virtually limitless as they serve a wide gamut of industries including food and beverage, metal working, chemical, automobile, leather work sector, manufacturing industry, and construction sector. This blog aims at specifically discussing about the features and applications of bench-type curing oven and its operational contributions to different industrial sectors.

What are Curing Ovens and how do they Work?

Curing can be defined as a slow process in which a calculated and controlled amount of heat is applied to an object over a particular period of time that gradually alters the physical and chemical properties of the object. As a result of this heat-based process, the material transforms into a more stable, durable, stronger and harder substance, ready for further industrial usage. This method of pre-heating and drying brings in the desired chemical or physical transformation in the treated object as it is prepared for usage in subsequent processes. Curing ovens ideally accomplish applications such as power-coating, rubber and thermostat plastics, adhesives, and composites.

Curing Ovens

Bench-Type Curing Ovens and the Different Product Models

The bench-type curing ovens being smaller in size and with interior volumes of about 2 cubic feet are considered to be economical and portable as they can be easily moved from one location to another. These are ideally used for baking, processing large parts, drying components after cleaning, preheating, dehydration, curing, and other applications required for hot-air circulation.

The following models of bench type curing ovens are known for their relevant applicable benefits:

Model NB-350

Providing 7 cubic feet of work space at temperatures to 350 degrees F, this bench-type oven model contains two removable and easily adjustable nickel-plated wire shelves and 7 shelves (maximum). This model is ideally used for preheating plastics, drying small items, drying powdered metals, and curing potting compounds. The oven has double doors that can easily load large parts.

Model NB-550

Somewhat identical to the Model NB-350, this oven too includes 2 shelves and comes with the capability to hold maximum 7 shelves. Providing over 5 cubic feet of work space, this bench-type oven can work at a temperature up to 550 degrees F. This model is considered to be suitable for high temperature processing such as annealing springs and plated parts.

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