4 Question You Must Consider While Purchasing Industrial Curing Ovens

Curing ovens are the popularly used industrial grade ovens that help curing adhesives, coatings, thermoset plastics, and composites. With advanced thermal process engineering features, these specialized ovens ensure uniform heat distribution in short cycle times. The oven thus finds immense applications across aerospace, electronics and electrical, automotive, construction, aeronautical, and marine sectors. To fulfill these wide ranges of industry specific requirements, curing ovens are manufactured in several types and specifications. Hence, it often becomes a daunting task for a user to select the right model from the several categories available. Considering the fact that choosing the right type of oven is crucial to achieve the desired results, this post lists a few questions to be considered before adding a curing oven to your facility.

Industrial Grade Curing Ovens


Basic, yet Crucial Questions of Consideration

So, you have decided to get a new oven to support your curing activities. Get the following questions answered, which in turn leads you towards a right and wise purchasing decision.

1. Why do you Need a Curing Oven?

Determining the application is the most important area to be considered before going further. There are several models of curing ovens available for paint curing, polymer curing, adhesive curing, and product drying. Choose the right model that best suits your intended application. Also, it is important to consider the conditions exist in the application area before making the decision. This include:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Humidity or condensation ranges
  • Presence of hazardous oil, chemicals, or corrosive gasses
  • Dusty environments
  • Severe shock or vibration

2. Does your Curing Oven Have Great Uniformity?

Being a critical factor that determines efficient curing, air uniformity of the curing oven must be thoroughly checked and evaluated. It is also important to check the efficiency of the electric or gas heat sources.

3. What is the Curing Rate?

The Curing rate of each model differs from one to other. Hence, it is important to understand the heating-curing rate of the model.

4. Does your Curing Oven Guarantees Long Term Service?

Industrial grade ovens are required to operate in demanding environments. They are subjected to several impacts, rigors of daily usage, and corrosive media/substances. Hence, it is important to check their durability by examining the insulation, materials of construction, sealing, coating, among others. Also, ensure that the oven doors will not sag over years of usage that the most of today’s ovens face in their service life.

Other than the ones aforementioned, there are several other questions to be asked before choosing electric curing ovens or gas curing ovens. A few amongst them are listed below:

  • What kinds of control systems does the model use?
  • What is the airflow system and pattern?
  • What are the methods of heating?
  • What are the electrical capabilities?
  • Does the curing ovens manufacturer offer any after-sale service?
  • What is the warranty period?

Sourcing these industrial curing ovens from trusted manufacturers is also important as only the leading brands in the market provide you with utmost support for a better purchase. This in turn helps the users to operate efficiently and more profitably. Having said the importance of partnering with leading manufacturers, it is not sensible to end the post without letting you know about one of the leading names in the industry who offer the finest grades of curing ovens. It is Armature Coil Equipment who assures fast turnaround times on all electric and gas curing oven orders.


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