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Three Phase Coil Winding Head - Model 15-T

These Three Phase Forms only require one setting. Measure the length of the insulation in the slot. When the span is exactly the width of the form, this is all the measurement required, the forms are now ready to wind. The coils being round without any sharp corners, you will save at least one inch or more in each coil turn. Multiply this by the number of turns in your motor and you will at once notice how much wire these forms will save. You will also save one hour at a time.

Coil Winding Head - Model 15-TIllustrates Model 15-T

Includes 19" Holder and 5 sets of forms, Additional forms and 25" Holder available. Contact ACE for specs and prices.

*ALL Three Phase Heads Are 6-Slot

Coil Winder DIMS Model 15-T

Available in Sets: Head Nos. 1-5, Head Nos. 1-5 with Holder and Instant Coil Release.

Also available: 25" Long Holder

Net Weight 26 Lbs.
Gross Weight 30 Lbs

Coil Winding Head Model 15-T Complete Dimensions Chart in (Excel)

Do you know what the proper tension is for your application?

SEE Wire Size Tension Chart - PDF specifications pdf