How to Select a Metal Parts Cleaning Service Provider

In the previous post, we elaborated on the different challenges faced when selecting a metal parts cleaning service provider. We also discussed the factors that affect the selection process. In this post, we will be looking at the steps required to find a suitable service provider for parts cleaning.Parts Cleaning Service

Selecting the Best Metal Parts Cleaning ServiceÂ

The fact of the matter is, there is no single cleaning system that will work consistently every time. Hence, it is important that you choose a service who will provide maximum benefits. The following points will help you find a provider that will provide both quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Understand the Types of Cleaning Equipment: Depending on the industries they cater to, parts cleaning service providers offer different types of cleaning equipment burn-off ovens for part cleaning, vapor degreasers, surface treatment systems, tumble blast machines, air blast treatment, and ultrasonic cleaners.Each equipment has its own advantages. Burn off ovens can clean multiple parts at once. Vapor degreasers can be used in applications where water based systems are not practical, such as cleaning electronic parts. Surface treatment systems can be used for cleaning components with different types of surface and finishes. Tumble blast machines are effective in cleaning small to medium sized parts. Air blast treatment allows for rapid spraying of cleaning solvents or solutions. Ultrasonic cleaners take less than ten minutes to clean a part.Understanding the types of cleaning equipment, and the benefits of each, can help you find the right service for your cleaning requirements.
  • Consider the Type of Contamination: It is important that you consider the type of contaminants that you need to remove from the components. This can help you decide on the right cleaning equipment. For example, if you are looking at removing protective coatings, corrosion, or powder coatings, then a burn-off oven will be suitable. If your part consists of generic contaminants like dirt, dust, or metal particles, then air blast treatment can be chosen.
  • Check the Size of the System: You need to ensure that the cleaning system that you are opting for will meet your requirements in terms of quantity. Are the parts being cleaned individually, or can the system clean multiple parts at once? If it is individual parts, what will be the total cleaning time for bulk components? These questions need to be answered by the service provider.
  • Can the System Handle Complex Parts? As mentioned in the previous post, components are becoming more complex, with ridges, holes, grooves, etc. The system needs to be in a position to remove contaminants from such areas as well.
  • Is the Service In-house or Outsourced? This factor can make a difference to the overall price of the service. It is advisable to search for a service provider who performs the parts cleaning process in-house. The reason for this is that outsourcing leads to more hindrances than benefits. Outsourcing results in higher costs in terms of packaging and shipping. There is also a possibility of the parts getting damaged during the shipping process. Also, a lot of time can be lost as the parts are shipped back and forth.In-house metal parts cleaning provides a variety of advantages to the customer. The service provider will have the freedom to choose the most appropriate parts cleaning process that can meet your needs. Due to this, they are able to provide ‘precision cleaning’. The amount of time taken in terms of processing and delivery is reduced to a great extent. Also, the overall price for the service will reduce dramatically.
  • Price and Time: Finally, the price of using a particular system has to come within your budget. Also, the service provider needs to ensure that he will supply the cleaned products within a certain period of time.

Taking these aspects into consideration can help you find the appropriate cleaning system to remove contaminants from industrial components.


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