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Round Expandable Winding Mandrels with a Tension System

Model 436

At Armature Coil Equipment (ACE), we not only provide standard coil wind machines, we also design and manufacture custom winders for our clients. Model 436 is the perfect example of our custom solutions. This system is designed to wind and provide tension to industrial wires and foils. The 436 model is a combination of three different systems, providing immense benefits in one machine.

Design and Function

The model 436 is divided into three parts:

  • Model 436-1B – Pneumatic De-Reeling & Tension Stand
  • Model 436-ST – Pneumatic Multiple Bladder Round Mandrel
  • Model 436-CA – Carriage with Linear Rolling Guide Bearings

The model 436 1-B is the primary coil winding machine in this custom design. As a de-reeling and tension stand, it is designed to hold six reels of wires. This assures multiple de-reeling, which can be completed in a short period of time.

Model 436-ST consists of double round mandrels. This system is used to support the winding of foils. Both mandrels are designed to adjust the winding and movement of the foil. They are designed to collapse to allow ease of removal. The mandrels also consist of safety chucks, which prevent the mandrels from unintentionally releasing the foil. The chucks also support effective torque transfer and rolling of the mandrels. The mandrels are installed on top of the 436-CA carriage.

The model 436-CA carriage rolling guide bearings allows the entire machine to move in a linear direction. It allows for quick and efficient adjustment for the de-reeling processes. It provides fast and smooth travel, and can be moved in long lengths. The carriage is constructed out of stainless steel for effective performance, strength, and durability.


The following are points concerning the carriage and the mandrels.

  • Model 436-CA carriage is configured with linear rolling guide bearings, which travel linearly at +/- 11ʺ.
  • The mandrel and safety chucks are 12ʺ Dia. x 40ʺ wide. The safety chucks’ fine tracking adjustment is done at +/- 2.5ʺ for both of the round mandrels.

With the custom design model 436, wire de-reeling and tensioning is simple and easy. ACE offers a variety of custom designed de-reelers and tension stands. We can provide them with carriages, mandrels, and tension devices in various configurations.