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Tension Controller and Monitor

(Model 4C-3000 Tel-A-Tension)

Armature Coil Equipment (ACE) provides coil winding equipment in a variety of sizes. We also provide ancillary devices designed specifically for high coil tensioning projects. One of the most sought after products in our inventory is the Model 4C-3000 Tel-A-Tension. This is a high performance tensioning device, and is capable of supporting coil and wire de-reeling processes.

Design and Function

Model 4C-3000’s design includes two calibrated scales, which are interchangeable. When the winding process is underway, the device displays the amount of tension being applied in grams. The device also comprises a self-compensating braking system, which helps maintain tension during the operation. During starts and stops, the device creates a low level of inertia, which ensures uniform tension. The model also has a precision pointer, which gives out accurate winding readings.


The tensioner has the capability to accommodate a range of wire gauges. The reason for this is the device’s expanded tension range. It is a versatile device, as it is designed to support single as well as multiple winding setups.

Another important component is the wisker disk. The disk allows the device to de-reel any coil or wire without any difficulty. The greatest advantage of this component is that the wisker disk can perform this action irrespective of the spool size.

All the parts and components in the Model 4C-3000 are known for being durable and inexpensive. You can be sure that the tensioner will provide many years of maintenance-free service.


The following information elaborates on the specifications of the model 4C-3000. Also provided are basic specifications for ancillary models 4C-3000-P6, and 4C-3000-P12.

Model 4C-3000:

  • Size: 9.75ʺ H x 8ʺ L x 6.5 W
  • Head Weight: 2.5 Lbs. (Tel-A-Tension Head)
  • Calibrated Scale #1: 1.2 kg, AWG #25 to #32
  • Calibrated Scale #2: 3.5 kg, AWG #20 to #26

Model 4C-3000-P6:

  • Size: 20ʺ H x 8ʺ L x 6.5 W
  • Head Weight: 2.9 Lbs.

Model 4C-3000-P12:

  • Size: 36.25ʺ H x 16.5ʺ L x 14.5 W
  • Head Weight: 19.6 Lbs.

Miscellaneous Models

ACE also provides other models to meet different American Wire Gauge (AWG) specifications.

Model Name and Number AWG
Model 30-350G (Model 3000) AWG#31-#44
Model 30-40G (Model 3000F) AWG#40-#47
Model 30-700G (Model 3000-H) AWG #28-#40
Model 4C3000 AWG #16-#32

ACE can also provide these various tensioning devices in custom sizes and specifications. Our custom devices can be designed in sizes ranging from 1.5ʺ to 30ʺ.