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Portable Wire Rack to Store Wires Conveniently

(Model 43)

Wires without any knots or damage are crucial to efficiently run coil winding processes. ACE offers multi-reel wire racks to secure wires of any lengths and dimensions. Available in Model No. 43, this easy-to-use unit can store reels of wires without tangling and stretching. This innovative storage solution can also be used as a material handling system to efficiently feed wires from multiple reels and buckets.


Model 43 multi-reel wire racks are available in a range of specifications.

CAPACITY - 4 Reels
Weight Capacity – 160 lbs.
maximum Wire Size – No.14 Wire
Dimensions – 18"W x 30"L x 46"H
Net Weight – 175 lbs.
Gross Weight – 200 Lbs.

Model 43 De-Reeling Stand

Superior Features of Model No. 43

ACE mult-reel wire rack is popular as it features:

  • Wires can be stored in a way for immediate use; you don’t need to spend time in handling reels or selecting the right wire size.
  • The stored wires are guided to the front console panels through eyelets and around sheaves, where wire sizes are properly numbered. This eases wire identification, allowing you to choose the right wire for the winding job quickly.
  • Ruggedly constructed with cold formed sheet steel. Hence, the application users can be assured of years of uninterrupted performance. It can withstand high impact and also can resist corrosion.
  • Frames of the unit are precisely welded for structural strength and durability.
  • The unit is light weight; hence can be transported and installed anywhere in a plant.

Permanent Magnet Tensioning Device

ACE multi – reel wire racks can be procured with optional permanent magnet tensioning devices. Available in Model No. 4965, this accessory can augment the performance of the wire rack. The device can also be purchased individually to be used with other models of our wire racks.