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Fully Adjustable Winding Head for Single Phase Coils

(Model No. TL-1500)

ACE single phase winding head is brilliantly designed to comprehensively support winding operations. Available in model no. TL-1500, this versatile unit is ideal for winding single phase coils from 3ʺ to 13ʺ in length, and up to 13ʺ in width. It features a simple design, quick assembly procedure, and easy removal of coils.

Construction of Model No. TL-1500

ACE single phase winding head is constructed with two polished aluminum cones firmly attached to a cast iron base. The unit is corrosion resistant as it is manufactured from quality tested materials procured from reliable vendors. However, the unit is coated comprehensively to provide enhanced protection from the environment. This single phase coil winding former also features:

  • A scale is positioned on the side of the cast iron base. The scale, which is calibrated in 1/2”increments, is installed for the purpose of easy adjustment of the head.

  • The space between the two polished aluminum heads is calibrated in inches to match motor slot length.

Single Phase Coil Winding Head Model TL-1500

Single Phase Coil Winding Head Model TL-1500

Model TL-1500

Model TL-1500

Operation of Single Phase Winding Head

The model No. TL-1500 is designed for ease of operation. Tie the wire to the end of the polished aluminum cones. Now, wind the coils that are connected to the cones. After winding each coil, release the head. Now, the coil is ready for use.

The model is compatible with several types of coil winding drives with 18” swings.

Specifications of TL-1500

The model is available in the below mentioned specifications:

  • Net Weight - 12 Lbs.
  • Gross Weight - 15 Lbs.