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Capstan Tension Device

(Model 4901)

Rotary tension devices are ideal systems when there is a requirement for controlled wire tensioning. They can be designed to be versatile, and cater to various wire tensioning needs. Armature Coil Equipment (ACE) provides a rotary tension device that make the wire tensioning process quick, easy, and efficient – the Model 4901.

A Capstan tension device, the model 4901 provides controlled and adjustable tension. The device is medium sized, and can be used to provide tensioning for multiple wires. The unit simply needs to be placed over each wire spool that will be used.


Tension Device Design

This unit consists of a spindle, a tension adjusting nut, a brake disk, brake hub, and a brake spring and a 3″ diameter pulley. These components comprise the tension assembly, which is supported by a steel frame.

The device also consists of a spring loaded clamp, which holds the wire in place on the pulley. The felt lining reduces the amount of friction taking place during the tensioning operation, and removes oil from the wire. The spindle also consists of ceramic bushings, located at the bottom of the spindle, which guide the wire moving out of the spool. The device is also designed with a mounting bracket. The bracket consists of a socket, which allows the device to be mounted easily.

Device Operation

The wire is passed through the spindle bushings, and around the pulley. It then goes through the felt lined clamp, and finally out the final bushing. The device is adjustable, allowing the user to increase or decrease the tension as required. The model 4901 is capable of swiveling in any direction. This makes the device versatile, as it can be installed onto multiple machines.


For large applications, ACE provides additional mounting brackets that can be installed when using multiple spools. This allows the unit to be positioned over a wire in any direction.


ACE provides the Capstan tension device in the following standard specifications:

Dimensions 10ʺL x 5ʺW x 11ʺH
Net Weight 4 Lbs.
Gross Weight 7 Lbs.