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Burn Off Ovens - Model 3455-RT

The ACE Burn Off oven model 3455-RT is designed to provide complete heat cleaning, while saving on energy costs. The radiant tube heater design allows for 90% heat extraction. Due to this, the oven is able to provide excellent material removal, and component debonding solutions. The oven consists of a high fire afterburner chamber, which provides excess air to ensure smoke combustion.

The oven is lined with insulation that can resist temperatures up to 2,300°F. It also comprises self-supporting stack. These two reasons ensure excellent energy efficiency and cost savings. Another advantage of this oven is the automatic, self-adjusting One Touch Control System (OTC). This ensures that the parts are never over or under processed. It allows the user to simply switch the oven on, and not supervise the heat cleaning process.

Armature Coil Equipment can design the oven to meet UL, FM, ISO, and NFPA regulations. The technical specifications of this model are given in detail in the tables below.


Detailed technical specifications of this model can be found in the tables below.

Component Specifications
Inside Dimensions W/O Cart 60'W X 156"D X 99"H
Inside Dimensions With Cart 60"W X 156"D X 81"H
Volume Over Cart 439 CU. FT.
Single Platform Cart Dimensions 57"W X 153"D X 18'H
Outside Dimensions 108"W 188"D X 112"H
Shipping Weight 7,000 LBS.
Location of Controls Right Side
Location of Exhaust Stack Top Rear Left Corner
Exhaust Stack Included 16" ID x 20' OD x 10' Included


Component Specifications
Primary Burner – Normal 800°F (427°C)
Afterburner - Before Primary Ignites 1,500°F (798°C)
Over Temp. Control Standard
Primary Water Spray Standard
Secondary Water Spray Standard
NFPA-86A Specifications Standardl
FM/IRI Specifications Optional OA-2600
ISO Control Certified Standard
Primary Burner off on Loss of A.B. Standard
Primary & A.B. Burners Rated For 800,000 BTU/HR
Automatic Shutoff System Standard
One Touch Control (OTC) System Optional OA-100
High Fire Afterburner 1,500°F(798°C) Optional OA-100


Component Specifications
Cart Rating 8,000 LBS.
Cart 4" Structural Channel 7.25LBS/FT
Oven Steel Enclosure 11 Ga. CRS
Oven Enclosure Front Face 1/4" CRS Plate
Angle Iron Reinforced Enclosure Standard
Wall Insulation 3" Thick 2,300°F. Standard
Top, Floor & Door Insulation 3" Thick Standard
Aluminized Coating Inside Enclosure Standard
Steel Floor Covers Over 4" Insulation 3/16" CRS
Exterior Finish Hi-Temp. Blue Enamel
Exhaust Stack Insulation Rated 2,700°F. 2" Thick
Qty. Top Mounted Pressure Relief Hatch 2 Standard
Qty. Primary Water Nozzles 6 Standard
Qty. Secondary Water Nozzles 8 Standard
Qty. Primary Burners 2 Standard
Qty. Afterburners 1 Standard
NFPA Preferred Vent Ratio 1:15


Cycle Time/Capacity
Component Specifications
*Normal Cycle Time 2 to 8 Hours
*Combustible Capacity 60 LBS/HR
Sr. No. Electric Water Fuel
Component Specifications Component Specifications Component Specifications
1 Voltage/Phase/Hertz 120/1/60 Normal Less Than 3.6 Gal/HR. Primary Burner 1 Input 150,000 BTU/HR
2 Amps * 5 to 10 Capacity 6 Gal./HR. Ea. Nozzle Primary Burner 2 Input 150,000 BTU/HR
3     Min/Max Pressure 30 to 60 PSI Max Afterburner Input 650,000 BTU/HR
4         Avg. Prim & After Total Hi-Lo Input Natural Gas Inlet Pressure 8" to 14" W.C.
5         Propane Inlet Pressure 12" to 18" W.C.
6         Gas Inlet Pipe Size 1-1/2"

*Varies with the combustible load and size