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Burn-Off Oven Accessories

There are different types of ovens used for diverse industrial applications. Each type of oven has its own set of properties, benefits, capabilities, and specifications. Based on what application they are to be used, these ovens are designed accordingly. The burn off ovens are among the most widely used ovens in many industries, today. This is because of the several beneficial features that they offer. These ovens can be availed from various suppliers and manufacturers in the US. However, very few, such as Armature Coil Equipment (ACE) has the capability to provide you with the best quality ovens. However, these ovens are of no use, if its accessories are not of good quality. We can provide you quality accessories, thus making your ovens highly efficient.

Burn Off Oven Accessories Provided by Armature Coil Equipment

At Armature Coil Equipment, we believe in providing good quality accessories for burn off ovens, and this has helped us in building a huge base of satisfied, and loyal clients. Some oven accessories that we can provide you are as follows:

  • OA-808 Fast Turnaround Kit: This is one of the most important accessories of a burn off oven. This kit consists of thermocouples, and all the necessary electronic, and controls for an efficient operation.
  • OA-800 Energy Efficient Motor Stripping System: We have developed this micro-ramp, high-efficiency motor stripping system, which helps control the oven air temperature, as well as stator core temperature. The rate of combustion of epoxy or varnish on the stator helps ensure its lasting performance. It means this stripping system provides excellent burns, without damaging the laminations at the core.
  • Electric Safety Door Lock System: It is very unsafe to open the door of these ovens, while the heat process is going out. The door lock system lock the doors automatically before starting the heat cycle, and unlocks them after the cycle is complete.
  • Third Water Suppression System: This system is located under the cart. The primary function of the third water suppression system is to control the temperature of the burning residue.
  • One Touch Control System: The one touch control system is primarily responsible for monitoring and controlling the combustible vapor in a burn off oven. It is basically a self-adjusting automatic control system.
  • Automatic Gas Purge System: If an oven is not started for a long time, then it results in hard starting. To avoid this, an automatic gas purge system is used in the ovens.
  • Low Water Pressure Switch: This switch is basically used to shut off the primary burner automatically. This is done in case of low water pressure, and is denoted by an indicating light.

Like these, there are many more accessories of burn off ovens, which play a vital role in an efficient operation of these ovens. Some more accessories of burn off ovens, include:

  • High-Fire Afterburner
  • System to Keep Afterburner ON
  • Temperature De-Activated Door Lock
  • Honeywell Keyboard Display Module
  • By-Pass Valve Installed To Manually Turn ON Primary Water System
  • By-Pass Valve Installed To Manually Turn ON Secondary Water System
  • Fast Turnaround Kit
  • Loss of Electric Power Battery Pack Back-Up Water Spray System
  • Self-Cleaning Stainless Brush Ash Removal System
  • Exhaust Stack Digital with Temperature Controller
  • Stainless Steel Vapor Barrier
  • Armature Adjustable Support Stand
  • Vapor Barrier Coating

Are you interested in knowing more about the accessories that we provide? Do you wish to know more about the different types of industrial ovens that we can provide? If so, then get in touch with our professionals at the earliest. We have a team of hardworking, skilled, knowledgeable, and expert staff, who is always ready and happy to help you with your exact requirements. You can give us a call on 800-255-1241 for discussing your requirements. Also, you can send us your queries via mail on our email ID sheran@armaturecoil.com.