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Paint / Powder Coating Stripping

What Satisfied Customers are Saying...paint and powder coating racks cleaning

Most finishers recognize one major problem with finishing systems... Keeping paint racksfixtureshooks and parts clean. Grounding and transfer efficiency of the paint line is maintained when finishers can keep your racks and hooks free from coatings. Overspray contamination and safety are but a few reasons finishers should be concerned about maintaining clean racks and hooks.

While there are a number of ways to clean paint line hooks • racks fixtures and reject parts... the Heat Cleaning Oven (commonly known as the Burn-OFF Ovens) has become the standard in many facilities due to the ability to clean many parts at once with little or no pollution or hazardous waste.

industrial powder coating racks - before & after view

Other advantages are: minimal labor • energy efficiency and quick turnaround. In house cleaning allows for more control, less damage. Burn OFF ovens provide an easy and efficient method to clean many different sizes of parts as well as sensitive reject parts such as aluminimum and thin sheet steel. Operating cost is typically less than $30.00 per cycle. SEE How Blue Rhino saved time & money cleaning their paint racks. ASK Scott Today how you can start Saving time & money in your shop.

Top Tips on Buying a Burn Off Oven


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