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All-inclusive Oven Modification and Refurbishment Services 

Armature Coil Equipment provides all-round service to customers, from product design, manufacturing, and delivery. We also have many patrons, who come to us with problems with their existing ovens. We offer oven modification and refurbishment services to meet these needs.

Offerings in Oven Alteration and Restoration

At Armature Coil, we provide complete solutions for oven rebuilding, retrofitting, rewiring, as well as component modification. We evaluate the current condition of your oven, and then suggest a solution that is optimum and cost-effective. We utilize high grade materials for oven rebuilding and retrofitting components.

Our years of experience also give us the capabilities to modify new ovens to meet your application requirements. We take on projects for refurbishing your existing oven with new components or systems.

Our oven modification and refurbishment services include:

Fabrication Services

  • Repainting services
  • Replacing air seals and exhaust hoods
  • Modifications or replacement of doors
  • Fabrication of drying and blow-off systems
  • Repairing of oven’s body, or extending the oven shell
  • Modifying parts of the ductwork system
  • Complete ductwork replacement

Electrical Components

  • Re-wiring and upgrading an oven’s electric system to latest electrical codes.
  • Providing replacement components such as programmers, displays, temperature controllers, etc.
  • Modifying oven with additional safety components, including process timers, data acquisition systems, LED monitors, temperature recorders, variable frequency drives, and 7-day timers for auto start-up, etc.

Combustion Components

  • Installing additional heating elements or large sized burners.
  • Upgrading the burner system to latest performance and safety standards.
  • Enhancing combustion performance by making adjustments to present burner system.
  • Evaluating heating requirements to meet requirements of new projects, large components, or to increase production rates.

Armature Coil’s all inclusive oven modification and refurbishment services provide comprehensive assistance to industrial customers. Any requirement related to new or existing ovens can be easily met.