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    Over the last 40 years, the industry dealing with coil winders and coil winding processes has tremendously grown and extended its application areas. Coil winding can be defined as a process to make an electromagnetic coil with the help of a series of loops, which is used for a variety of applications in different industrial sectors. Ideally coil winders are used in components like relays, chokes, solenoids, transformers, resistors, inductors, electric motors and generators.


    Less downtime and better parts will make your business more profitable and increase your bottom line.

    The variety of machinery options and the many capabilities these coil winders offer you make them your most efficient way to wind coils for motors ¤ transformers ¤ solenoids and other types of coils.

    Famous ACE Coil Winding System with Safety Enclosure as Seen Below Coil Winding System with Safety Enclosure

    ACE Equipment: Leading Transformer Winding Machine Manufacturers

    We at ACE have built our worldwide brand name for reliability and efficiency, quality and longevity (for almost a century), flexibility, innovation and customer service. Coil winders manufactured by us are preferred over our competitors’ due to some very important reasons:

    • Our automatic coil winding machines have proven to be the best and most versatilet in the market due to our technical supremacy, longevity of service life, innovative specifications and user-friendly features.

    • We offer less downtime, and as responsible manufacturers we make sure to use high-quality raw materials and advanced machined parts to ensure optimum results. We aim at increasing your profitability and bottom line.

    • Our transformer coil winding machines are highly effective in providing error-free and consistent coils.These machines can wind at high speed  for light, medium and heavy duty coil winding.

    • We offer a variety of  options with varied specifications and capabilities, providing a competent and highly efficient way of coil winding for motors, solenoids, transformers and other coil types.

    • With our superior technological command, we manufacture coil winding machines with precise control of winding, tension, traversing and de-spooling. The highly controlled and monitored coil winding process assures high production of quality coils.

    ACE Equipment has successfully established its position in the market as one of the leading manufacturers and rebuilders of coil winding machines and transformer winding equipment. We strictly follow quality, efficiency, safety, durability and precision standards to make sure we provide the best industrial solutions for coil winding to our customers.

    High Speed Bench Winders


    Model AEX Series Linear Coil Winding Machine pdf linear coil winding machine
    A high speed winding machine with compact and durable construction. Wide LCD display and easy programming makes this machine ideal for winding small to complex coils such as SMPS transformers, RF/IF coils, solenoid coils, relay coils, multi-section coils, trigger coils, Telecom transformers, High turn/high production coils, small transformers, IFT, etc. Winding speeds of up do 9000 RPM. Winds wire sizes 50-20 AWG.

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    Model AEH-01, AEH-11 Programmable Winding Machine pdf AEH-01 and AEH-02 programmable coil winding machine
    This high-torque winding machine offers easy programming and operation specifically for power distribution transformers. Single spindle CNC winding for coil with max. diameter of 250mm x 250mm length. Model AEH-01 Wire sizes from 38 - 7 AWG.

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    Light Duty Coil Winding Machines



    Model 40 Handy Winder - PDF specifications model no 40 handy coil winder pdf
    Designed to hand wind coils in small quantities for those special jobs.

    Model 70 Series Coil Winders - PDF specifications pdf  model 70,71,72 coil winder
    Ideal low cost winding drive to wind small coils (wire sizes 30-20 AWG) Models 70 and 71 are designed for bench top use, Model 72 offers a heavy duty cabinet for a solid working surface and storage.

    Model 74 Coil Winder - PDF specifications pdf model 74 light duty bench type coil winder
    Constant torque winder offering automatic stop control. Ideal for high production of coils. Easy programmability results in quality and repeatability. Bench mounted, the operator has full control of acceleration and deceleration by use of the remote foot pedal.

    Model 77 Series Coil Winders - PDF specifications pdf  auto stop coil winders
    Constant torque winding machine provides a permanent magnet DC motor which drives a gear reducer. Ideal for winding wire from size 30-14 AWG. Loads up to 240 Lbs when used with outboard support such as the Model 65 Tailstock.

    Medium Duty Coil Winding Machines

    Model 3-VAS - PDF specifications pdf model 3-VAS & 3-VPAS medium duty coil winder
    Constant torque with an AC Flux Vector Drive. Controlled acceleration from zero to full speed prevents shock loads. Speed control through foot pedal or potentiometer. Instant reverse. Can wind round or shaped wire.

    Model MD - PDF specifications pdf model MD coil winder
    Constant torque winding machine with an AC Flux Vector Drive. Engineered for those who require a versatile coil winder with extra high pulling power, and an infinitely variable speed range.

    Model No. 1 - PDF specifications pdf model 1 medium duty coil winder
    Medium Duty Machine designed to wind wire sizes from 24-14 AWG round and some shaped wire. Versatile machine can wind 1000 lb coil when used with the Model 65 Tailstock. Mechanical counter, belt driven with 6 fixed speeds.

    Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machines


    Model HD - PDF specifications pdf model HD heavy duty coil winder
    Constant torque winding machine with an AC Flux VectorDrive. Engineered for those who require a versatile coilwinder with extra high pulling power, and an infinitely variable speed range. Perfect for customers winding shaped wire and large heavy coils. The Flux Vector Drive gives you soft, smooth starting andstopping. Controlled acceleration from zero to full speed prevents shock loads, which could break the wire. Up to 8000 lbs. can be loaded on the HD machine WITHOUT outboard support.

    Tension Control & Traversing


    Model 4841 Electro-Pneumatic Constant Tension Device « See Product Page electro pneumatic constant tention device
    The power driven series 4800 Traverse Stand is designed to automatically traverse single or multiple strands of square, rectangular or round wire. A traversing arm precisely positions the wire on the customer's rotating winding fixture; the operators hands are off the wire.

    Model 4822 Pneumatic Tension with Manual Traversing pdf pneumatic tention with manual traversing
    Assembly includes pneumatic tension unit mounted to linear slides to assist operator control. High density plastic tension plates are pneumatically controlled for exact tension without damage to wire enamel or insulation.

    Model 4C-3000 Tel-A-Tension pdf tention controler and monitor
    Tension Controller and Monitor. Continuously displays actual tension in grams during the winding cycle.

    Model 44 - PDF specifications pdf Tension control for round wire
    Tension control for round wire. Will handle multiple sizes. Wire is drawn through adjustable nylon plates.

    Model 45-TD - PDF specifications pdf tention device and reel rack
    Wire is drawn through 7 fiber plates which are forced against the wire with cam spring action, giving a uniform pressure that will not change after winding a few coils.

    Model 46 - PDF specifications mechanical tention controler or Model 48 - PDF specifications pdf
    Tension control for round or shaped wire. Will handle multiple sizes. Two steel rollers in front and in the back guide the wire. Controlled pressure is applied to the wire as it passes between pressure plates. Will not damage insulation on the wire. Model 48 offers remote tension via rebulated air pressure.

    Model 4810V Vertical Tensioner - PDF specifications pdf 4810V tention controler
    Designed to apply constant tension similar to the 4810-TC820 but built to assist horizontally positioned coils.

    Model 4901 Capstan Tension Device - PDF specifications pdf capstan tention device
    Ideal for tensioning small wire.

    Model 4962-4965 Permanent Magnet Tension Unit - PDF specifications pdfpermanent magnetic tention device
    This precision-torque tension device provides constant tension at each adjustable setting. Applies constant tension to single or multiple round wire from 14 to 40 guage.

    Wire Racks & De-Reelers


    Model 41 & 42 - PDF specifications pdf model 41 & 42 wire rack
    ACE Wire Rack offers you a convenient method of storing your wire, plus an efficient material handling system for feeding wire up to size No. 14 from buckets or reels.Wires are guided through eyelets to the two frontconsole panels, where sizes are clearly numberedfor ease in selection of wire size, and are immediately ready for use. Model 41 offers a 24 pail capacity. Model 42 offers a 40 pail capacity.

    Model 431-1B & 432-1B - PDF specifications pdf de-reeling and tention stand
    Air-operated tension system with on de-reeling unit offers remote tension control which eliminates spool roll-in when de-reeling has stopped. Operator can conveniently vary tensionat the winding machine. Tension applied by air-actuated calliper brake gripping a 12” disk. Model 432-1B provides two shafts for de-reeling up to 4 24” reels. Optional accessory equipment: two or more brakes, 18” disk, Dual Pressure Control Valve.

    Model 43 - PDF specifications pdf multi reel wire rack
    Multi-Reel wire rack offers you a convenient method of storing reels of wire, plus an efficient material handling system for feeding and tensioning wire from multiple reels.

    Model 438-1B - PDF specifications pdf model 438-1B de-reeling and tention stand
    Designed with eight de-reeling units on one tension stand. Ideal for customers with limited floor space.

    Coil Winding Heads


    Model Numbers 5 ¤ 10 ¤ 11 ¤ 12 - PDF specifications pdf group winding head
    ACE Group Winding Heads are designed for winding 3 phase diamond shaped coils. Easy operation, quick setup, heavy duty. (replacement heads for Potter Rayfield)

    Model 15-T « See Product Page 3 phase coil winding head
    Three phase head requires just one setting. Comes with 5 sets of forms and holder.

    Model TL-1500 - PDF specifications single phase winding head pdf
    Single phase head winds offers easy setup. For small integral motors.

    Model 15-L « See Product Page Concentric Coil Winding Head - Model 15-L
    Single phase head comes with 11 sets of forms and quick release holder.

    Model 18 - PDF specifications pdf transformer adjustable winding fixture
    Quick Release Fixture for high production, quick coil set up and tear down.

    Model 18 Quick Release Winding Head Demo *Flash Movie Video   Quick Release Winding Head

    Heavy Duty Loop Winders


    Model 15 & 15-S - PDF specifications pdf loop bar
    Loop Winders are built to wind coils that will be formed into diamond shaped coils.

    Model 15-HD - PDF specifications pdf heavy duty loop winding fixture



    Model 65 and Model 66 Tailstock - PDF specifications pdf model 65&66 tail stock
    ACE Tailstock is designed for use with any ACE Coil Winder. Heavy duty construction.

    Cut Off Saw - PDF specifications pdf Model 750 cut off saw
    Lets you quickly cut ends off of coils for easy removal of copper wire.

    Do you know what the proper tension is for your application?

    SEE Wire Size Tension Chart - PDF specifications pdf